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Save time in food preparation by getting one of Homestyle Health Food Cutter go  www.homestylehealth.orgThe UK's health statistics are real! 
Every two minutes a person is diagnosed with Cancer, one person is diagnosed with Diabetes every three minutes, and every five minutes someone has a Heart Attack!
Every day people live with food related conditions that hinder their feeling of well-being! OR people live with conditions that can be improved by different food choices!
Become a Jenuin Health Champion! and be part of a caring organisation, that aims to advance the education of our communities in all areas relating to healthy lifestyles.

Help us share simple solutions for people of all ages to help them prevent/reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes & promote health & well-being through the food we eat in our homes, as families & communities.

Also help us  as we encourage social interaction by bringing people together to form healthy supportive relationships!
If YOU are enthusiastic about helping others to improve their quality of life through health education through social activities, then please contact us
 T:   07830 060 966
With US,  You have the opportunity to Change lives! whilst changing YOUR own life!
Homestyle Health workshop to learn the benefits of Water that  Assists the kidneys in eliminating harmful salts, toxins and wastes and carries nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body. Very Important in keeping a strong immune system. Our immune system is strengthened by the nutrients in the food we eat, our health systems focus on this maximizing the nutrition!
Make a difference to somones life. TODAY!

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"