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Homestyle healthy hearts workshops for ways to cook the waterless greeseless uncontaminated  method.
Healthy Hearts Cookery Club. 

Our Cookery Clubs are based on The Eat Well Guide!  which is a tool used to define government recommendation on eating healthy and achieving a balanced diet.

Making the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle and way of preparing and cooking your everyday meals can be daunting and seem impossible, let us at Homestyle help you!!
        Join with us at our forth coming Cookery Club!! 

YES YOU CAN! Enjoy fried chicken and chocolate desserts without your body crying out! 'I know what you did last night'
Join us as we share with you how it is possible to prepare and cook healthy nutrient filled great meals the uncontaminated, water-less, grease-less way! and the benefits of adopting heart healthy cooking methods and technics without sacrificing the time, money and health of you and your family.
Also if you are experiencing food related health constraints, ie diabetis,  that restrict your food choices.... then come and take a seat at our table to learn new skills in healthy cooking.